I was recently testing out the new Persistent Filters in Power BI and initially it would work with some reports and not with other reports. I even looked at imported data models, vs DirectQuery/Live Connection reports and I could figure it out.

So, I reached out to the very helpful people in the Power BI team, and they quickly showed and explained to me as why it was not working.

As explained in their blog post, it was my report having Custom Visuals.

For my report where I could not get the Persistent Filters to work, the best way for me to understand why it was not working, is to hover over the “Reset to default” item in the report.

As you can see below, it gives a clear indication that there are Custom visuals that are not currently supported.

Whilst on another report where I have no Custom visuals, when I hovered over the “Reset to default” I got the following Tooltip

Which indicates that I will be able to use the Persistent Filters due to the Tooltip letting me know I am using the authors default view. And no indication of any custom visuals.

Future Updates for Persistent Filters

As indicated in the comments section of the blog post the Power BI team is working to get Custom Visuals supported with Custom Visuals. Which I am certain will be sooner than later.

In my particular report I was using the Chiclet Slicer from Microsoft, and in my mind, I thought that this was one of the default slicers of which it is not.

As with my current testing as far as I can tell as at 19 Mar 2018, this is the only Slicer that is currently supported.

As always if there are any comments of questions, please leave it in the comments section below.