After very quiet in the previous week, here is this week’s round up details.

Power BI – November On-Premise Data Gateway Update

Whilst it might not appear as though there is a lot with regards to the November update to the On-Premise data gateway there IS!

The first thing is that they have now implemented High Availability. This is really great news, because it means you now can have the On-Premise data gateways in a cluster. So that if one of the servers fail, it will automatically move over to another one.

It appears to be really simple to setup. And then when you are in the Power BI Service, all the gateways in a cluster, appear as one. Which makes it again really easy for people who are Gateway Administrators to just use the gateways as they previously did.

There is also now additional logging for Mashup Engine Traces, so that you can see what the Mashup Engine is doing.

Now if the On-Premise Data Gateway cannot connect via TCP, it will automatically fall back to HTTPS, making the gateway that much more redundant to ensure that your data gets refreshed.

And finally, the Mashup Engine for the On-Premise Data Gateway has been updated with the November version.

You can find more details here: On-premises data gateway November update is now available

Power BI – Weekly Hot Topics

There is now a weekly hot topics blog post from the Power BI team, which will highlight members from the Power BI community who have helped out the most.

Also, it highlights the Top 10 Viewed Threads and the Most Active Threads.

Go and have a look here: Weekly Hot Topics

Project Online Content Pack

As you can see from the screenshot above there now is the capability to use a Project Online Content Pack if your organization is currently using Project Online.

The content pack has got a lot of default reports and great information out of the box.

There have been quite a few additions to the previous version of the Content pack, so it would be a great idea to get this newer content pack.

You can find all the details here: A new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI