There has recently been a lot of talk around Power BI Embedded for various reasons.

The first being that Power BI Embedded can be used to for Power BI Reporting requirements, where the users are viewing it from an internal application. This can work for existing applications where a business has data. As well as potentially as another avenue to limit costs of using Power BI.

The second is that there are now 3 different Power BI Embedded SKUs which can also create confusion with regards to which SKU is applicable to me in my organization.

So below is the Power BI Embedded Infographic that I have created. I do hope that this infographic will simplify the different versions for Power BI Embedded.

As well as give a clear indication, to show based on what you are trying to achieve, which option is best suited.

I did source this information from the following blog post from the Power BI Team: Power BI Developer community October update

You can also find the image in the following location: Power BI Embedded

As always, if there are any questions or there is anything that I have left out, or incorrect please let me know and I will happily assist or resolve any issues.