There have been quite a few updates in the past week, so please find all the related updates below, of which there have been quite a few!

Power BI – On-Premise Sept Update

In this month’s update for the On-Premise Gateway they have added support in the Personal mode for national clouds.

There has also been a great improvement in the Gateway configuration experience which to me personally is almost identical to the On-Premise Gateway, which is great to see and makes the whole experience a lot easier and smoother to get up and running.

And finally, an updated version of the Mashup Engine to match the September update of Power BI Desktop.

You can find the details here: On-premises data gateway September update

Power BI – Developer Update for September 2017

As you can see above there have been some updates with regards to Power BI Developer and Power BI Embedded.

  • You now can also clone tiles and dashboards between different App Workspaces.
  • There is now also the capability to use Row Level Security (RLS) for Analysis Services (AS) on-premise data sources when using Power BI Embedded.
  • Row Level Security (RLS) has got 3 additional properties as part of the GenerateToken within the API
  • There is now the capability to be able to export or clone a PBIX file from the Power BI Service. This will allow you to either export it into a file system or use the API to create a clone and upload the same PBIX file to another App Workspace.
  • And finally, there is the ability to change the language and text formatting of your embedded content

You can view the details here: Power BI Developer community September update

Power BI – Congratulations to the What-If Parameters Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the What-If contest. There were some great entries and I have to say some really amazing idea’s

You can find out who won, as well as all the other entries here: Congratulations to the winners of the What If contest!

Power BI – Custom Connectors in Action

As you can see above by creating Custom Connectors for Power BI you now can connect to almost any data source.

With the example above Miguel Escobar created a Custom Connector to Meetup, which is used for all the Power BI User groups, and it is great to see how the number of members has steadily increased.

On a side note it is fantastic to see that the Power BI User Group that I co-organize with Craig Bryden is 4th overall!

You can find the blog post details here: Power BI in action: using custom connectors

Power BI – Timeline Storyteller custom visual contest

As with the previous weeks announcement with regards to the Timeline Storyteller custom visual, there is now a contest in which you could win some great prizes. I am looking forward to looking at the entries, especially because this Custom Visual is so powerful there could be a whole range of amazing reports.

If you are interested or want to view the entries here is the blog post: Don’t miss the Timeline Storyteller custom visual contest!