I have seen a few questions asked in the Power BI Community Forum with regards to why people are not receiving their Email Subscriptions (Dashboard or Report). So I thought it would be best to create a quick blog post to hopefully help a few people.

So below I will show how to create the subscription as well as some tips along the way to ensure that it will work for you as it is currently doing for me.

With the example, I am going to be creating a Dashboard Email Subscription, but the same can be done with a Report Email Subscription.

NOTE: For Dashboard or Report Email Subscriptions to be emailed you have to have data that is being refreshed at least once a day. If it is not being refreshed it will not trigger the Dashboard or Report Email Subscription.

Creating an Email Subscription (Dashboard or Report)

In the steps below I will explain how to create a dashboard email subscription.

  • I logged into the Power BI Service and went to my Dashboard where I wanted to receive my Dashboard Email Subscription.
  • Then in the area on the top right-hand side I then clicked on Subscribe
  • This then will open the Subscribe to emails window as shown below.
    • As you can see above it has got the name of my Dashboard (FourMoo).
    • But one VERY important tip that I want to draw your attention to in the above image is that next to the dashboard name it says Draft
      • Now what this means is that whilst it appears that the subscription is set, it is actually not due to it still being a Draft. I would like to think of this being an email Draft, the email might be complete but it is not yet sent.
      • And that is indicated by the above
      • I think that this is where a few people think that once they see this window the Email Subscription is enabled. It is not currently set.
  • Now to set or apply my Email Subscription I needed to click on Save and Close at the bottom of the Window as highlighted below.
  • Once I clicked on Save and close I got the confirmation that my Subscription was set.

Checking to see my Email Subscription (Dashboard or Report) is set

Next I will show you how to ensure that your Email Subscription is set, which ensured that it did get emailed to me.

  • The best place where I could view my Subscriptions was to go into my settings
  • Then I clicked on Subscriptions
  • As shown above I can see that I have got a Dashboard and a Report Subscription.
    • There is an option to Edit my subscriptions under the Actions area.
  • I could also go and view my subscription by going back to my dashboard and then clicking on the Subscribe button again.
    • This then brought up the window as before as shown below.
      • But as you can see this time there is no Draft
        in the image above. Meaning that it has been set.


As I have shown above is how to create an Email Subscription (Dashboard or Report). As well as how to check that it has been set.

Any questions or comments please leave them in the section below.