TimeTimeTHere is the weekly BI Roundup

Power BI – Drill Through coming – Already in the Power BI Service

As you can see above the Power BI Team has already enabled the Drill Through functionality into the Power BI Service.

This is something that was seen at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit and it is here.

I think that this is a really clean and simple implementation which can most definitely make the Power BI Reports more interactive.

There are two great blog posts by Dustin Ryan (SETTING UP A DRILLTHROUGH ACTION IN YOUR POWER BI REPORT) and Phil Seamark (Power BI Drill Through) which explain how to use this functionality.

Power BI – Timeline Storyteller competition

There is a blog post by the Power BI Team in which they detail how the Timeline Storyteller Custom visual came about. As well as the opportunity to contribute to the project.

Along with this, there is also a competition in which you can win some Power BI Swag.

You can find the details here: What story does your timeline tell? Introducing the Timeline Storyteller custom visual for Microsoft Power BI