Here is the weekly BI Roundup of what has been happening in the last week.

Power BI – User details in Usage Metric Reports

As you can see in the image above, the Power BI team has now incorporated the capability to see which users have been accessing the reports. This is really awesome because it not only allows you to view how the reports are being used, but also allow you now to be able to understand which are the most active users.

You can find the blog post details here: Introducing per-user usage metrics: know your audience and amplify your impact

Power BI – Report Server update for August

With the August update for the Power BI Report Server, they now have enabled the capability to be able to import data from any source into the customized Power BI Desktop file for Reporting Services. This is a fantastic start at being able to use more data sources, but there are currently a few limitations which are that you cannot schedule a refresh of the data, DirectQuery is currently not supported, Scale-Out SSRS is not supported and the reports must be smaller than 50MB in size.

As well as they have now enabled you to view and interact with Excel files inside Power BI Report Server. This is done by leveraging the Office Offline Server. As with this initial release there are also a few limitations which are it cannot have any external data source dependencies, it can connect to a live connection to an SSAS as a data source and will work if it has a PowerPivot data model.

You can find all the details here: Power BI Report Server August 2017 Preview now available

Power BI – Timeline Story Teller Custom Visual

As was previously seen at the Microsoft Data Insights summit you are now able to download and utlize the Timeline Story Teller Custom Visual. I am certain that there will be some really amazing stories which will be told using this custom visual. I do hope that I can get some time to try this out with some meaningful data.

Here are the blog details here: Create interactive timeline visualizations for your data with the new timeline storyteller community visual