Here is this week’s BI-RoundUp with some great content below.

Power BI – Usage Metrics

You now have the capability to be able to view the usage metrics for your dashboards and reports in Power BI. This is a great feature, because it now gives the organization the capability to see how well the dashboards and reports are being used, shared or viewed.

In order to be able to view the metrics you need to have a Pro license, as well as at least have Edit access to the Dashboard or report to be able to view the Usage metrics.

There is also the option to disable the usage metrics for the Organization in the Admin Portal.

And finally you can also build your own Usage Report, by clicking File, Save As, and from there you are then able to modify the existing report so that it can suit your requirements.

You can find that and more details here: Usage metrics for dashboards and reports

Power BI – Mobile Apps Update for May 2017

With the latest update from the Mobile Apps team, you now have the option to use the Shared With Me, to easily see the content that was shared with you on your mobile phone.

As well as the ability now to consume Apps that have been created within your organization. You can either get this from the AppSource, or by using the link provided when the App is created.

You can also connect to the On-Premise Power BI Report Server. And finally for iOS you can share reports and dashboards with Universal links.

The blog post details are here: Power BI Mobile apps feature summary – May 2017

Power BI – Stream Data Insights Summit

As you can see above there is the ability to be able to stream the 3 keynotes, as well as 9 of the most popular sessions.

You can find the link here to be able to gain access: Watch live from the Microsoft Data Insights Summit

Power BI – Processing suggestion idea’s for Power BI

As I am sure in the past we all have voted for an idea at and in this blog post from Charles Sterling he explains how they go about processing the voted idea’s.

As well as what the different statuses mean when viewing existing idea’s

You can find the details here: Processing your suggestions on