For once it has been a quieter week in the world of BI, so here are the updates below.

Power BI – Zoom Charts

I have to say that it has been a while since a visual has really impressed me and the Zoom Visuals do just that.

They provide an almost natural way to interact with your data via the charts.

It is best shown when you go to the blog post and interact with the Power BI Embedded report.

You can find all the details here: Power BI + ZoomCharts = (Power BI)²: Boost your productivity and add the cool-factor to your reports

Power BI – Preview of Report Server

Since the news of Power BI Premium details did emerge that there now would be Power BI Report Server, which you could use as part of Power BI Premium. They have now released a preview version for people to use.

Due to it being a preview version not all the functionality is there, but there are enough options to download, install and start testing it.

You can find the blog post here: Power BI Report Server preview now available

Power BI – Featured Data Stores

There have been some great submissions for Data Stories in the past 2 months. And this is highlighted with the image above. As well as a congratulations to the other people whose stories were also featured.

You can find the blog details here: Congratulations to the Featured Data Stories Gallery submissions for March and April