I have been active on the Power BI Community Page for quite some time, and what I have often seen is people not quite sure what options are free and what options require a Pro license.

So here is my infographic in which I have put down which options are free and which options will require a Pro license.

I am hopeful that people will find this useful in understanding which options are free and which options require a Pro license.

If I have left anything out, or something is wrong please let me know and I will update it.

As well as I will keep this infographic up to date as there no doubt will be some additions to the Power BI Service.

















You can access the images from the following link: Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic – Latest Version

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  1. I have to say the way license works for PowerBI make sense only with a small tenant, but if you have a lot of users and most of them are just viewers of the reports ( most of the cases) than the “traditional” reporting solutions make more sense

    1. Hi there, I would partially agree, as in some situations it works out better, due to the fact that you get Visual reporting available on Web, Mobile and some apps. As well as not having to maintain any servers or services is a big cost saving when thinking about not only the server and licensing cost, but as well as a salary of someone to maintain this. And as the organization gets larger this typically means that the servers are larger, meaning more costs and licensing for redundancy, as well as additional people involved to maintain these systems.

      Just my thoughts.

      1. Good points, still though.. big organizations like ours (500-1000+) already have beefy servers on good connections along with an IT-department to run it. The reporting servers (MS-stack) uses a lot of juice but are easy to maintain… The cost of giving all our employees access to some read-only small pro-reports would be huge 🙁 A real bummer, would love to replace some of the old stuff we have with PowerBI. the cost of giving our managers access is “ok”, they would get access to self-service BI etc.. but our “workers” would only need read-only lightweight stuff.

        1. Of course when things are set up and running well, then no need to change something that is working.

          An option could always be is if the reports are read only to then only use the features which will not use any of the Pro options in Power BI. There are always other options in terms of getting the data to refresh that will not require a Pro license. One option is Power Planner which can refresh the data for your and upload it to OneDrive for Business where you can store either the Excel file or the PBIX file. And that would mean then that you do not need to use the On-Premise Gateway to refresh the data? There is a cost for the Power Planner but in comparison it is very low.

    1. Thanks!

      I was under the impression that R Visuals was just like any other visual.

      If perhaps you have a reference where the R Visuals is a Pro feature I can then add it in. I just want to ensure that it is accurate.

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