As another month comes to a close, I am excited to see what the next week will bring. Hopefully some updates for Power BI Desktop and the service. Here is this week’s roundup.

Power BI – Mobile Apps Update for February

In this month’s mobile update they have made some additional actions when interacting with the Dashboard tiles on the mobile app. Making it easier to navigate to an underlying report, expand a tile or even look at the alerts.

A great addition is you now can have multiple SSRS Servers in your app (Currently iOS)

And finally they have made some improvements with regards to scrolling across all the mobile platforms. Which makes it a lot easier to navigate with the charts when it can possibly be so small to navigate.

You can find the blog post here: Power BI mobile apps feature summary – February 2017

Power BI – Tech Tip Connecting from Power BI Mobile to SSRS

This is a great video by Adam Saxton aka Guy In a Cube in which he goes through how to connect from Power BI Mobile to SSRS using OAuth

You can find the details here: Tech Tip Thursday: Connecting from Power BI Mobile to SSRS

Power BI – Embedding Power BI visuals, tiles or widgets into your application

There is a great blog post from the Power BI team which goes into detail and explains how to very easily embed your Power BI visuals, tiles or widgets into an existing application.

Along with this, there is also a video by Guy In a Cube going through this, click on the image below.

Here are the actual blog details: Embed Dashboards in Your Applications to Monitor Your Business in Context