There have been some really great updates coming out especially from the Power BI team in the past week. So let’s get into it.

Power BI – Data Insights Summit 2017

I can remember that the Data Insights Summit of 2016 was a great success and heard some great content and really deep dive information was shared at the summit. I would really love to attend, so I need to see if I can make it work this year.

For those of you interested here is the link to the website:

Power BI – Integrate Power BI Reports into SharePoint

I do know that this is one of the features that have been requested by a lot of people. Not only does this mean that the people in your organization do not have to log into the Power BI service, but that it is a seamless experience that is all contained within SharePoint.

I actually did try this myself and as they said, it was as simple as a copy the URL, add the Power BI Web part and you are good to go. Really amazing!

The only small catch is that you will have to have a Power BI Pro user license to use this functionality. And I feel that most organizations or companies that are using SharePoint online this should be really be an issue. As larger organizations or businesses will require the Pro features. And for the low price the amount of Pro features is ever increasing.

You can find the blog post here: Integrate Power BI reports in SharePoint Online

Power BI – Dual KPI

I did blog about this last week with regards to the new Custom Visual for the Dual KPI. And now there is a great video by Guy In a Cube which explains how it works, and how best to use it.

You can find the blog post here: Visual Awesomeness Unlocked: Dual KPI custom visual

Power BI – Featured Data Stories

Congratulations for the winners in the Featured Data Stories in Power BI, there were some great winners and content that the community posted.

You can find the details and additional data stories here: Congratulations to this month’s Featured Data Stories Gallery submissions

Power BI – Apply Filters to your report per User

Here is a great blog post from Kasper De Jonge, where he explains how to filter a report based on the user who has logged in. This does use the Row Level Security but it does it in a different way, to only filter the data.

I am sure that in some instances this would be really useful.

You can find the blog post here: Automatically apply filters to your report per user

Power BI – Grid Custom Visual

Here is another really great custom visual. Where it allows you to have a grid with pagination. So that you do not have to try and fit all your data in a grid onto one page.

Here is the link to the Custom Visual: Grid Custom Visual