I cannot believe that is already February which means that really soon there should be the next Power BI Desktop release.

Here are this week’s updates, which I hope you will find informative.

Power BI – January Service Update

There are quite a few service updates this month with some of them being more for the monitoring and administration of Power BI, which is vital.

They have created a new AD Role for a Power BI Admin, so that you no longer have to be an Office 365 Admin to look after Power BI.

They have also enabled Audit Logs for Power BI, which is really key to ensure that you can see what is happening with regards to Power BI, especially when looking for how the business is using Power BI.

As well as already mentioned before is the Email Subscriptions, New APIs for Custom Visuals, Real Time Streaming Generally available and finally the ability to stream data to Power BI using Microsoft Flow. Which has more details below.

You can read the blog post here: Power BI Service January Feature Summary

Power BI – Push data to Power BI Streaming

This is really a great addition to the Power BI offering, and I personally have tried this myself and it is really easy and simple to get going. I showcased it to the organization I am currently contracting in, and they were really amazed.

I can see this being the opening door, in terms of how easy going forward it is going to be to stream data, real-time into Power BI.

You can find the Blog Post here: Push data to Power BI streaming datasets without writing any code using Microsoft Flow

Power BI – Mobile Apps Update Jan 2017

In this month’s Mobile Apps update, they have now enabled Single Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services, which now means you can sign on with your Organizational account and access SSRS reports.

They have also removed the 100 row limit on tables and matrices. As well as updating the Annotate & Share for Android Devices.

You can find the blog post here: Power BI Mobile apps feature summary – January 2017

Power BI – General Availability of Streaming Datasets

It is great to see that the Power BI Streaming datasets is now Generally available. As with the previous details, I have no doubt that as companies evolve, there will be sutiations where they will want to monitor data in real-time and in other instances be able to historically track trends and patterns. Now with this capability it is a lot easier to do both.

The blog details are here: Announcing General Availability of Power BI Real-Time Streaming Datasets