Today where I am contracting there was an issue when a director annotated and shared a report item from the Power BI Mobile App with a colleague (Lets call him Bob)

When Bob received the email to the report, he got the following error when trying to open the link, as shown below.

The interesting thing was that when I received the identical email I COULD access the report.

What makes it even more interesting is that the Report is part of a Group Workspace in which both myself and Bob are Admin’s.

So when Bob went into the report by going through Power BI and the Group Workspace Bob could see the report. But when Bob clicked on the link he got the error as shown above.

So after some investigation I resolved, with the details below.

How I resolved the error

What I did was to first check that Bob as indeed still an Admin in the Group Workspace.

I also went into the Members area of the Group Workspace to ensure that Bob as indeed still a member. (Just double checking everything)

At this point I was unsure as to why Bob still could not view the report via the link, but Bob could view it by going directly to the report in Power BI. Which did ensure that Bob did have access to the report.

I was going through everything and the last item I decided to check was if Bob had the Dashboard and underlying reports shared.

I went into the Share Dashboard and clicked on Access, and Bob was not in the access list.

So I went ahead and added Bob into the Access List.

After which Bob clicked on the link and he could NOW access the report from the link.


So in conclusion if you are going to be annotating and Sharing dashboard or report items from your Power BI Mobile App, you must also ensure that the users you are sending it to have been added as part of the Share Dashboard process.