In this week’s blog post I am going to cover some quick tips around printing and colours. I have found that when working with real customers these are the types of questions which get asked frequently.

Removing Black Line when Printing

As you can see below, you get this black line showing when you select the Print
option from your Power BI Report in the Power BI Service.

The way to resolve this is, instead of clicking on File and then selecting Print.

You instead use your keyboard and press CTRL (Control) & P

Now as you can see below you no longer get the black line in the print dialog.

Printing to show all graphics

Following on from this, due to the way I formatted my dashboard you can see at the top it has got a white background for the Filters, Slicers and Sales Group.

This might initially appear as though it is how it should look, but when viewing the report on the Power BI Service, this is how the report looks like.

As you can see above it is missing the underlying colours, as well as some graphics.

This is due to the report having multiple levels of images and text boxes.

Now I resolved this by when bringing up the print dialog (CTRL + P) in Chrome I made sure under Options to select Background Graphics.

And as soon as I made the change it showed the print dialog as it does on the report.

Finding Custom Colours

The final tip for today is when I have been using Custom Colours and you want to use it elsewhere in your Power BI Desktop reports.

To do this I went to my visual or background where I have got a Custom Color.

Then I clicked on the drop down and then I clicked on Custom Color

This will then bring up the HEX code.

So at this point I can copy the HEX code and use it on other visuals or backgrounds.

But what I also saw was that it now appears under Recent Colors

So this made it a lot easier for me to use this Custom Color elsewhere in my Power BI Desktop.

If you have any other tips or questions please let me know.