I was recently looking how to help out in the Power BI Community where there was a question around how to disable users from having the ability to disable Analyze in Excel in the Power BI Service.

This could be a very valid situation where you do not want users the ability to export or download any data from the Power BI Service, but rather only have a view of the data, this is how you can achieve this. This includes the Export Data Option on the visuals.

NOTE: When you make this change it does the change for your entire Tenant. So please be aware of this.

A work around might to be enable Row Level Security, so that only the users who have access to the data can see the data. The result would then be when a user uses the Analyze in Excel and they browse the data, they will get data returned based on their security.

Change Tenant Settings

The first thing is that you will need to have access to the Admin Portal in the Power BI Service.

To see if you are an Admin you should see the option below.

Click on Settings to see the list of settings options.

If you can see the Admin Portal, click on the Admin Portal.

Now once in the Admin Portal you will need to click on the Tenant settings as shown below.

Next scroll down and change the following options:

  • Export data to Off
  • Allow users to use Analyze in Excel with on-premises datasets to Off

This is shown below.

NOTE: You have to have to both settings above set to Off for the Analyze in Excel option to be removed.

Then click Apply at the bottom of the page.

After you click Apply you will get a notification letting you know that it will take typically 5-10 minutes for the changes to take effect.

Once the 5-10 minutes is up you can then go back into your reports or datasets and you will see that the option for Analyze in Excel is now longer there.


So by changing the Tenant settings as explained above, your users will no longer have the ability to export any data from the Power BI Service, either by using the Export Data option on a visual, or the Analyze in Excel option on the Reports or Datasets.