Another great week in the world of BI.

Power BI – Mobile Apps Update for August 2016

Another month goes by and some more updates, this time from the Mobile Apps team.

In this update they have done quite a lot of work with regards to the ability to do manual refreshing of your data in iOS if you have a direct query.

The ability to use your favourite dashboard on all platforms, which is very handy when you have your selected items that you want to view, quite possibly from different data sets, but in one easy to view dashboard.

They have also made the data classification visible if you have enabled your data in the mobile app, so that the users are aware in terms of what the status is if the data they are looking at.

The new focus mode for iPad which makes it easier to view the data you want to very easily.

And finally the ability to create data driven alerts from within the Mobile App.

You can find all the details here: Power BI Mobile Apps feature summary – August 2016

Power BI – Custom Visuals Tool Development Update

I am not a custom visual developer myself but having recently worked with some developers it is great to see the updates and additions that they have added. I have no doubt that this will make the custom visual development a lot easier and extensible as we move forward.

You can find all the details here as to what has changed, updated and added: Custom visual developer tool now Generally Available

Power BI – Dynamic Security Cheat Sheet

Kasper De Jonge, has created another great blog post in which he shows how to create and use Dynamic security in Power BI.

He explains exactly how he did it, and even has a working example that you can download and try.

Here is the blog post with the details: Power BI Desktop Dynamic security cheat sheet

Power BI – JavaScript API for Power BI reports.

The guys from the Power BI team are a very busy team. And now they have released the Javascript API which will enable you not only to embed your Power BI report into an iFrame but also enable your page to interact with the Power BI reports.

You can find all the details here: Interact with Power BI reports using the JavaScript API

Power BI – Infer Content Pack

Here is another content pack and I am sure if you are existing Infer client then this will be a very welcome addition.

Not only that but in terms of what Infer does in providing predictive technologies, I am sure that over time the dashboards will become more valuable to your business.

You can find all the details here: Explore and Analyze your Infer data with Power BI

Microsoft Flow – Available to Everyone

I have played around with Microsoft Flow and it is a great product and really easy to use when you want to automate tasks, as well as possibly get data from a site, OData feed etc and store it in a location. This is very easily achievable with Microsoft Flow.

They now have made it Generally available to everyone, even if you do not have a work or school account.

You can find the details here: Microsoft Flow now available for everyone

SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 – Tabular Editor

For the people using SQL Server Analysis Services in compatibility mode 1200 there is a great blog post, as well as details about the application that Daniel Otykier has created.

It makes it a lot easier and simpler to create and use Tabular Models, now that it uses the new JSON format.

You can find all the details here on what he has done. It does look very promising indeed.

A new way to work with SQL Server Tabular Models: The Tabular Editor