Not a whole host of updates this week, but still some great things to look into.

Power BI – Smarter Auto Generated Insights

Another great service update in Power BI, with regards to the Quick Insights. You now have the ability to put in complex filters and then generate insights based on your complex filters.

This can enable you to quickly and better understand your data and what it is telling you.

You can find more details here: Smarter Auto-Generated Insights with Complex Filters

Power BI – OkViz

As you can see from above the guys at SQLBI have been really busy and have developed some great additional visuals to complement their Synoptic Panel.

As you can see that have got the Smart Filter, Bullet Chart, Card with States and Candlestick, which are all great additions to have in your visual gallery.

You can find all the information here: OkViz

SQL Server 2016 – SSDT Generally Available

It is great to see now that you can get the total BI development experience with now also having SSDT for SQL Server 2016.

It details all the updates and enhancements that we have been blogging about, as well all the new features in SQL Server 2016

You can find all the details and how to download here: SQL Server Data Tools GA update for June 2016

Microsoft Flow – Updates

It is great to see that Microsoft Flow is also getting better and better with new additional updates to the flows, as well as connectors as you can see with the picture above.

I now see that they have also enabled Custom APIs which is great as often you have something that has been developed for your specific requirement, and this gives you the capability to integrate that with other connectors.

You can find more information here: May updates to Microsoft Flow