Here are the updates for this week currently just some great updates around Power BI.

Power BI – Enterprise Gateway Update

We have been waiting for an update to the Enterprise Gateway for some time and it is great to see that there are some great changes that they have made.

The biggest one so far is the mapping of the UPN Mapping rules. This will enable the gateway administrators to map users from the cloud to on-premise user accounts or even to use CustomData properties.

Another great feature is the ability to create Power BI reports and dashboards directly out of the cloud using the Get Data feature within this service when connecting to On-Premise Analysis Services.

You can find out all the features here: Power BI gateways – April Update

Power BI – Custom Visual Update

As you can see from above they have included all the new Custom visualizations into one report. It is great to see that there are new visuals and no doubt meaning that it is easier to gain a greater insight into your data via visuals.

You can find out more about the visuals here: Custom Visualizations: Visual Awesomeness your way!

Power BI – Mobile Apps Update

I am sure it was the last week or two weeks ago that there was an update to the Power BI mobile app. And it is great to see that they are rolling out updates very quickly.

In this week’s update, which appears to be across all platforms there are the following updates.

The ability to generate and use QR codes, which has been used extensively in the past, and makes it a lot easier for people to get right to the information that they require.

SQL Server 2016 reporting services improvements around having the mobile reports displaying in the mobile app. Which is great to see that you can use shared datasets with parameters as well as faster load times. As everyone enjoys reports that run faster.

As well as having the global search within the mobile app, as well as recent reports or dashboards that you have just viewed. I do find that having the recent dashboards is a great feature to have, because often I am working on a few things and then it is quick and easy to go back to what I was previously working on.

And finally great to see some overall improvements, which enable the mobile app to just get that much better.

You can find all the details here: Power BI Mobile Apps Update – May 2016