Here are this week’s updates some great things happened this past week.

Power BI – Natural Narratives Visual

This is a very interesting visual provided via Power BI. What this will do is to provide a narrative into your data via natural language. It does appear that your visuals will change based on what you use via the natural language.

It is very interesting and something that I want to see in action. I am sure that this will be a great addition in the Power BI toolkit.

You can find more details here: Get natural language narratives in Power BI Reports

Power BI – Time Intelligence

This has been something that I have seen a lot of people blog about, and it is great to have it finally here.

And no doubt it will mean that going forward there is now the ability to create even more meaningful and great Power BI reports and visualizations.

Power BI – Mobile App Update for iOS

It appears that there is another update for the Power BI Mobile App for iOS. And it is great to see these improvements, which will no doubt filter down to Android and Windows.

Excel 2016 – Power Query

Here are the updates for Excel 2016 with regards to Power Query.

It is great to see that this is finally getting some attention again, as it did appear that all the good work was going into Power BI. And it is great to see these changes coming into the Excel product also.

You can find all the details of the updates here: More April 2016 updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Query add-in

SQL Server 2016 – Mobile Report Publisher Update

It is great to see another update for the Mobile Report publisher, as well as the additional features that they have added.

Once again Microsoft is paying close attention to what the users are looking for and then putting that into the product, which is great to see.

I do like that updates with regards to the custom report color palettes, as well as the saving of the simulated thumbnail data.

You can find out more details here: New Mobile Report Publisher preview now available