There is not a whole host that has happened in the past week, but always some interesting things to read about.

Power BI – Passing Report Filters to Power BI in URL

I must have somehow missed this somewhere along the lines, but I had no doubt that this would be done in the Power BI Service. As I do remember that you can do this with SharePoint and Power View.

It is great to see that you can pass report filters in the URL. I have used it successfully in the past when going from an SSRS style report, and passing the parameters to a Power View or now Power BI report. It complements the reporting experience very well.

You can find out more information here: Passing report filters to Power BI using URLs

Custom Format String SSAS 2016

This morning I saw this wonderful picture and it is great to see that you can now have your custom format string for SSAS Tabular. As I know that sometimes you will want to have the format for your own requirements.

Power BI – Row Level Security

This is a great post by Reza Rad with regards to how to use and implement Row Level Security in the beta phase in the Power BI Service.

I am fairly certain that there will be more updates over time, which will enable us to leverage the Row Level features that we currently use in SSAS Tabular.

You can read about it here: Row Level Security in Power BI; Regardless of Data Source

Power BI – Madeira Content Pack

Another week another great content pack if you are an existing Madeira customer. I have no doubt that for the people in the Business Management area will be able to view and understand their data a lot better with these reports in Power BI.

You can find all the details here: Explore your Project “Madeira” data with Power BI