In the past week there have been some great additions to Power BI. As well as some great perks for people who participate in the Power BI Community.

So let’s see what we have in this week’s BI-NSIGHT

Power BI – Content Winners

I have to say that all the people that made it through to be voted for the contest really came up with some interesting idea’s. And it was great to see how you can leverage Power BI in so many different ways.

I definitely agree with the Winner and the Runner up, they did an amazing job and looked amazing.

You can read all about the Contest Winners here: Meet the Winners of the Best Report Contest

Power BI – Perks for the Community

I have to admit that I really think that this is a great incentive from Microsoft and the Power BI team. As I have mentioned in the past one of the reasons that I really enjoy working in the Microsoft space is the community that you become a part of. Where people help other people expecting nothing in return!

And it is great to see that when you go and help other people there is a small reward for all your efforts.

And the first of this will be at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit, so for those attending read all the details in the link below.

I do think that this new Summit will be a must go to in the future especially as Power BI is really becoming a Business Intelligence force to be reckoned with. As well as I have no doubt that just working in the Power BI space could easily become a full time position.

Just one a side note if anyone is interested in an online community I am part of the Facebook group called World of Power BI, which is where we are looking to bring the community to the Facebook platform. So if you are interested please go and have a look or join!

Read about the Community Perks here: Exclusive Perks for Community Members!

Power BI – Mekko Visual

I have to say that I am already using this visual, it is really easy to use and is another great way to visualize your data in a really unique way. I can see a lot of uses for this due to the fact that it combines the 100% stacked column chart and the 100% stacked bar chart.

As with the example above you can easily see which car manufacturer dominates which car area.

You can find out all the details here: Visual Awesomeness Unlocked – Mekko chart

Power BI – Insightly Content Pack

This content pack is great for existing Insightly customers in the CRM and project management space. It allows them to gain insights into their data. Which in turn can enable their business to be more efficient.

You can find our more details here: Visualize your Insightly CRM data with Power BI

Power BI – Zuora Content Pack

Yet another content pack, but this time it is for Zuora which is the world’s largest provider of Relationship Business Management Services.

So if you are an existing customer you can understand what is happening within your engagements and ensure that you can extend the long-term relationships which is one of the goals of Zuora.

You can find out more information here: Analyze and Monitor your Zuora data in Power BI