I have no doubt that by the time I wake up tomorrow morning there will be a whole host of updates to Power BI.

So this week it will be short and sweet!

Power BI – Power BI Universal App

I am delighted to see that Microsoft have finally released a universal app. This is what some of the promise was with regards to having to create an app once, and then be able to leverage all the different platforms on Windows 10.

I think that this will lead to a greater adoption of not only the Power BI app, but also with Windows 10. As this then means that the users can use whatever they have at the current time to view their data.

You can find out more details here: Power BI Windows 10 universal app for desktops, tablets, and smartphones now available

Power BI – Video’s

I was recently thinking about what if there is someone new to Power BI, or new to data analytics and they want to get started using Power BI.

Whilst there are a lot of tutorials out there, I find that often watching a video puts everything into context, as well as seeing someone do something often makes the learning that much easier. Also you can stop, pause, slow it down to follow what they are doing. And this is an easy way for people to start using Power BI at their own pace.

You can find the YouTube Channel here: Microsoft Power BI – YouTube

Data Insights Summit – Sessions

Microsoft have released some more details around the data insights summit and what you can expect.

It is great to see that they have gotten some of the world’s best conference speakers to be there to talk about a subject that they are passionate about. And I have no doubt that there will be some great details and deep insights into Power BI.

I do think that this will be one not to miss, to get the inside scoop.

You can find more details here: Just announced: Details of sessions at the inaugural Data Insights Summit