I was away on holiday so here is this week’s BI-NSIGHT..

Power BI Updates


comScore and Microsoft Partner to Provide Big Data Mining and Visualization Solution

comScore, is a Digital Media analytics company. And their relationship with Microsoft which has been ongoing for quite some years seems to be able to add additional values for their clients.

Using the real-time functionality within Power BI, it will enable their clients and customers to be able to see in real-time their analytics. Which for comScore’s existing customers, this could mean a leap frog on their competition.

You can read about their press release here: comScore and Microsoft Partner to Provide Big Data Mining and Visualization Solution

appFigures content back

Here is another content pack from Power BI, this time for appFigures. And I think that this is great for people who create apps. I am sure that currently it might not be such a simple process to be able to track their apps. Now with the developer being able to connect and subscribe to appFigures, they then get all of the additional reporting and analysis into their app data within Power BI.

I am sure that with having this useful information, it can allow the developer to then potentially view issues or alternatively be able to see when they released an update, and how it affected their app.

You can read more about it here: Explore and Analyze your appFigures data with Power BI

Mail chimp in Power BI

Just when I thought I had got all the updates for the past two weeks, I have a look on Twitter and see that there is another content pack for Power BI. And it is for Mail Chimp.

This is yet another tool, where you can monitor and evaluate your email marketing campaigns. And once again, another really great and interactive way to see how your email marketing campaigns are doing. As well as seeing how successful they are.

You can read more about it here: Use Power BI to Monitor and Visualize Your MailChimp Data

Subtle changes within the Power BI Interface

I logged into Power BI, to have a look at the new content packs and I noticed that they have changed or added the icons for the Dashboards, Reports and Datasets.

I know that this is a small change, but I find that people enjoy change. And even something so subtle, also shows that they are continually working on Power BI, and making changes. Which in my mind means that they are improving and working on Power BI.

Microsoft Social Engagement

This is something that is not directly related to BI, but I found it interesting in the way in which this product from Microsoft is positioned in my view.

From the way that I see it, it allows users and or companies to be able to gain access across the different social media platforms. And then from there be able to have some analysis in terms of what people are saying about their products on the multiple social media platforms.

I did also see, that there is the potential to do some sentiment analysis. And this is quite a hot topic at the moment, and I think that it will be so for a while. Especially when a company is already dealing with the public, and also have a strong social media offering which they manage. This will enable them to track and view over time, what people are thinking and saying about a brand or multiple brands.

It also appears that they have made it a lot easier and feature rich to use. A lot of what I saw in the demo, reminds me of Power BI. And I would not be surprised to pentially see a content pack in Power BI for Microsoft Social Engagement in the near future.

You can read more about it here: Turning social sentiment into opportunity

And here are more details about Microsoft Social Engagement: Microsoft CRM – Social