Hi there, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything. After moving country and getting my first job. I have subsequently moved to my second job which is going really well.

So I have started working on all the new BI Features that Microsoft has been offering and below is something that I needed to do, is from our Date Table, I had a requirement to create the following Month-Year (Jan-15). This was so that we could then join to my source data.

I did the following steps below in Power Query

1.       I went into Power Query and clicked on the Add Custom Column

a.       clip_image002

2.       And then I put in the following in order to get my Month-Year

Date.ToText([Date], “MMM”) &”-“&Text.Range(Number.ToText([Year]),2,2)

a.       clip_image004

3.       I then clicked Ok and got the following as shown below

a.       clip_image006