I got the following error as shown below, when I was adding rows into the XML file for the Data Source View.

NOTE: The reason that I was using the XML file was because I had added a whole lot of partitions to my Data Source View, so I did not want to create all the relationships manually but rather wanted to copy and paste them into the XML file. This enabled me to complete the task a lot quicker.






Once I had saved the XML for the Data Source View it would not render the document any more.


This is what I did to resolve the issue:

1.       When getting the error below I had to click Ok multiple times for the Window to go away

a.        clip_image005

2.       Once that was completed I then saved the XML file.

3.       I then closed down the entire project.

4.       I then opened up the project and once it had opened everything appeared as it should with the new relationships created.