BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Data Insights Summit Analytics Challenge Winners – Non-Profits Program)

It has been a quieter week, so here is the BI-RoundUp

Power BI – Data Insights Summit Analytics Challenge Winners

A big congratulations to the people that won the Analytics challenge for the categories “Complex Data Preparation”, “Advanced Analytics” and “Just for Fun”

It is great to see so many people who submitted their entries. Hopefully next year I can dedicate some time to entering the competition.

You can find the blog post here: Congratulations to the Data Insights Summit Analytics Challenge winners!

Power BI – Non-Profits Program

I was unaware that there is special pricing for Non-Profit organizations. This is great to see as very often these companies provide selfless work and really help out people and communities.

If you want to find out more details here is the link: Power BI – Non-Profit Organizations

Power BI – Overview Infographic

I like to keep up to date with what is going on with Power BI.

And with all the recent changes I have spent some time updating my Power BI Overview Infographic to better represent all the new changes.

You will see that I have changed the way that it looks and divided it into 3 sections based on how I typically use Power BI.

Starting with Power BI Desktop, then the Power BI Service and finally connecting to On-Premise data sources.

If you have any questions or anything is missing please let me know.

You can also find download copies of the images here: Power BI Overview Infographic


BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Interactive Custom R Visuals – Community Blog- Data Refresh APIs – Facebook Solution Template – Help Improve Power BI Desktop)

Here is the weekly Power BI Round Up, not too much going on which is a good thing after all the announcements from the Microsoft Data Insights Summit last week.

Power BI – Interactive Custom R Visuals

With R being so popular, as well as it being announced at the recent Microsoft Data Insights Summit, the Power BI team has now enabled the capability to be able to create R Custom visuals that are fully interactive by using HTML as the visual.

They have already created 4 visuals that you can start using now.

You can find the exciting details here: Interactive R custom visuals support is here!


BI-RoundUp – Power BI (June Desktop Update – Data Insights Summit Details – Power BI Embedded Pricing & Details – Power BI Premium Generally Available – Power BI Report Server Generally Available)

I was fairly certain that there were going to be a whole host of updates and additions to Power BI, and I can say that I am not disappointed. There is a whole host of information below, where I will endeavour to try and get it all to you, so this might be a bit long to read, but it will be worth it.


BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Service Update April & May – Personal Gateway Update – How to Purchase Power BI Premium – Managing Power BI Premium – Memory Consumption in Power BI File – Power BI – Exposing M Code)

It has been a busy week with the start of another month leading into June, so here are the updates. I am pretty confident that with the Microsoft Data Insights Summit happening Monday & Tuesday of next week that the new version of Power BI Desktop, as well as some new features will be revealed then. And I cannot wait, I always look forward to the start of each and every month.


DAX – Getting the Previous Year to Date Value up to and including the Current Month Selected – Not the entire Previous Year

So for this example it is best explained with an image below, then some additional context afterwards

  • If you look above we have got the [Sum of Sales] for Dec 2010-11
    • NOTE: This I selected in the Slicer on the right hand side.
  • Then I have created a Year to Date (YTD) measure which is the running total for the Year
    • NOTE: This is the measure below.

      YTD-MTD-CY = TOTALYTD([Sum of Sales],’Date'[Calendar Date],”06/30″)

  • As you can see for Dec 2010-11 with the measure [YTD-MTD-CY] I have the Year to date value.

Now the requirement was if the user selected any Fiscal Month (EG: Feb) from the Slicer, they are looking for the Feb 2009-10 value for the Previous Year (Feb 2009-10). So once again if I show this in a picture this is the value that I am looking to get.


BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Usage Metrics – Mobile Apps May 2017- Stream Data Insights Summit – Processing Suggestion Idea’s for Power BI)

Here is this week’s BI-RoundUp with some great content below.

Power BI – Usage Metrics

You now have the capability to be able to view the usage metrics for your dashboards and reports in Power BI. This is a great feature, because it now gives the organization the capability to see how well the dashboards and reports are being used, shared or viewed.

In order to be able to view the metrics you need to have a Pro license, as well as at least have Edit access to the Dashboard or report to be able to view the Usage metrics.

There is also the option to disable the usage metrics for the Organization in the Admin Portal.

And finally you can also build your own Usage Report, by clicking File, Save As, and from there you are then able to modify the existing report so that it can suit your requirements.

You can find that and more details here: Usage metrics for dashboards and reports