BI-RoundUp – Power BI (Office 365 Adoption Content Pack – Embedded Accelerator) – Excel (Get & Transform Updates May 2017)

This will no doubt be a quieter week, leading up towards the end of May and into June when there will be the next wave of updates from the Microsoft Power BI Team

You might also notice that I have changed the name from BI-NSIGHT to BI-Roundup, as there was another blogger who has his blog URL as BiInsights, so rather than make it confusing I thought to change the weekly update name.


Power BI – Dynamic Banding across all fields

I had a requirement from the customer where I am consulting and what they wanted was to be able to have dynamic banding. So that no matter what they put into the table it would show the banding where it would not go greater than the banding amount.

This is easiest shown with an image, so if the band was < $1000 the amounts should not be greater than $1000.

So as you can see above in this context the Banding is working as expected, showing values that are < $1000

But when you remove the Document No. I got the following shown below.

Now whilst the SUM Amount is correct, the banding is incorrect, because the SUM Amount is greater than $1000.

So below I show how I got this working.


BI-NSIGHT – Power BI (Zoom Charts – Preview Power BI Report Server – Featured Data Stories)

For once it has been a quieter week in the world of BI, so here are the updates below.

Power BI – Zoom Charts

I have to say that it has been a while since a visual has really impressed me and the Zoom Visuals do just that.

They provide an almost natural way to interact with your data via the charts.

It is best shown when you go to the blog post and interact with the Power BI Embedded report.

You can find all the details here: Power BI + ZoomCharts = (Power BI)²: Boost your productivity and add the cool-factor to your reports


BI-NSIGHT – Power BI (Data Connector SDK, Analytics Challenge, April Service Content Packs, ArcGIS May Update) – Azure (SSAS Model into Azure

After all the announcements last week here are this week’s updates.

Power BI – Data Connector SDK

I know that this has been something that I have seen asked on the Power BI Community, as well as thought about in terms of having the capability to create your own Custom Data Connector in Power BI.

Don’t get me wrong they have supplied a vast array of connectors already. But by creating the SDK this means that now virtually ANY data, or even potentially anything could be integrated into Power BI. I saw a tweet from Kasper mentioning a data connector for Strava (Which I use a lot for my exercising, as well as having a wealth of data).

You can find all the details here: Data Connector SDK Developer Preview


Power BI – Configuring SharePoint/Folder refreshing using On-Premise Gateway

I had a requirement to connect and refresh their files stored in SharePoint On-Premise using the On-Premise Gateway. And are the steps that you can follow in order to connect to files stored within SharePoint On-Premise or files stored in Folders.

In my working example below I am going to connect to a SharePoint Folder. You can apply the same steps for a Folder as well.


BI-NSIGHT – Power BI (Premium, May Desktop Update, New Pricing 01 Jun 2017, Pride 2017, Azure Consumption Insights Content Pack)

I always anticipate that the start of each month will be busy with the updates to Power BI, but this month is an exception with not only the release of the May Power BI Desktop Update, but also a new pricing and capacity model with regards to Power BI Premium. So let’s get into it shall we.

Power BI – Power BI Premium

With the update to now having Power BI Premium coming on 01 June 2017, this means that there is a whole host of changes, updates and additions that have happened with regards to the Power BI Service.

I am going to highlight below what I think is most relevant, and provide links further below if you want to go into more details.